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“As an intern in psychotherapy, I worked at a crisis center for sexual assault survivors. There I talked to many people who had healed the trauma but who still were searching for a way to enjoy their sexuality and they were having trouble finding professionals who could support them in this part of their journey. This experience created a passion for me – to be a voice for healthy, diverse, sex positive potential for everyone. We each have a right to claim our sexuality with joy and curiosity.”
– Melissa Fritchle

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Melissa Fritchle is a holistic sex therapist and sex educator with a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA Lic#48627) and works with individuals, couples and poly partners to help people find more ease and satisfaction in their sexual lives.

Her graduate studies were in Holistic Counseling Psychology acknowledging the interactions of the mind, body and spirit and diversity. Now she is adjunct faculty for Bay Area graduate programs in Counseling Psychology and travels in the US & internationally to provide workshops and trainings. In 2011, she was awarded the Sexual Intelligence award for her groundbreaking work providing sex positive training for counselors and caregivers in Uganda. In 2014 she traveled to Kenya to work with a group of Catholic priests and nuns from throughout Africa on developing sex positive approaches to sexual issues within the clergy.

Melissa writes the ongoing Conscious Sexual Self blog on sex and relationships and is a frequent contributor to other online and print media.

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